Background checks are carried out on all of our photographers and during the event they will display a Spotlight Photography ID card, confirming they have undergone these checks. However, we are happy for organisers to carry out their own DBS criminal record check, if they feel it's necessary.

Insurance - £1 million Public Liability


Health and Safety

It is the policy of Spotlight Photography Ltd to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety at work of all employees franchisees and third parties, and to take all necessary steps to implement such a policy.

Employees and franchisees also have a duty to co-operate with Spotlight Photography Ltd to ensure that this policy is effective and to offer all necessary assistance to ensure the health and safety at any event.

Spotlight Photography Ltd also has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of others that may be affected by the work activity and reasonable steps will be taken by all concerned to ensure that this duty is observed.

The attention of all employees and franchisees is drawn to the safety rules and procedures. Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee or franchisee who violates these rules and procedures.

Spotlight Photography Ltd will consult with the employees and franchisees periodically to ascertain what measures should be taken to increase awareness of health and safety and to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to make this policy effective.

Spotlight Photography Ltd will take such measures as may be necessary to ensure proper training, supervision and instructions of all employees and franchisees in matters pertaining to their health and safety and the health and safety of others and to provide any necessary information.

2. Personnel Responsible for Health and Safety

The person having overall responsibility for health and safety will be Sophie Callahan, the Health and Safety Supervisor of Spotlight Photography Ltd

3. Arrangements for Health & Safety

The details and procedures for health and safety are annexed and will be observed at all times by all employees and franchisees.

Safety Rules


Workplaces will be kept clean and tidy with rubbish and discarded materials placed in the receptacles provided. All materials will be properly and safely used and when not in use, properly and safely secured. Care will be taken to ensure that the work place is not hazardous either to employees, franchisees or to third parties, including, but not limited to, trespassers.


Employees and franchisees will ensure that they are familiar with the position of the nearest fire-fighting equipment, alarms and emergency exits. Employees and franchisees are asked to use electric fires and other heaters (if and where permitted, such as outdoor events) with caution and to keep flammable materials, in particular paper, away from sources of heat. Employees and franchisees will report any faulty electric cable or flex, to Spotlight Photography Ltd, immediately.

Employees and franchisees should be fully aware of the nearest fire exit and assembly points. Employees and franchisees will leave the building quickly and in an orderly fashion following the correct route in event of an emergency.

Electrical Equipment

Employees and franchisees will report any equipment in a dangerous or worn condition to the Spotlight Photography Ltd, immediately. All electrical equipment, which does not require continuous operation, will be switched off when not in use. Spotlight Photography Ltd will never use equipment, which is suspected to be faulty, or where the cable or flex is damaged or connections are loose. Any faults should be immediately reported to the Spotlight Photography Ltd

Employees and franchisees will not attempt to repair or interfere with electrical equipment or wiring themselves, and should not use dual or other socket outlets unless these have been properly authorised.


Employees and franchisees will ensure that cables and wires will not trail across the floor where people may be passing, unless a covering is provided.

Alcohol and Drugs

No alcoholic liquor or drugs (other than those prescribed by a registered medical practitioner and which do not affect the employee or franchisee's ability safely to undertake his/her duties) must be brought onto, used or consumed at any event. Spotlight Photography Ltd will suspend any employee or franchisee who, in the opinion of Spotlight Photography Ltd, is under the influence of drugs or alcoholic liquor and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the employee or franchisees under the terms of Spotlight Photography Ltd's disciplinary procedure.

Accident or illness at work

Any accident occurring should be reported to Spotlight Photography Ltd It is important that all injuries however slight should be reported.

In an emergency, if speed is considered essential, an ambulance will be called.

All employees and franchisees will be familiar with the operation of the telephone equipment, including how to obtain an outside line and dial emergency services.


Employees and franchisees will not engage in any horseplay or misuse any equipment. Any employee or franchisee who fails to follow this rule will be subject to disciplinary action under Spotlight Photography Ltd's disciplinary procedure.

Employees and franchisees will remain alert and report any practices they observe which in their opinion could constitute a hazard to themselves or third parties. Where additional rules are issued to employees or franchisees in relation to machinery or operations that they carry out, these additional rules will be carefully complied with.

Employees and franchisees will take particular care when visiting or working temporarily in other work places where they may not be conversant with the health and safety rules.


Terms of engagement

Terms and Conditions

1. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to make guests/competitors/visitors aware that there will be a photographer attending the event and photographs will be published on Unless otherwise notified, Spotlight Photography Ltd will assume all guests/competitors/visitors who attend the event are consenting to being photographed and allowing their photograph to be published on the internet.

2. If a customer is unhappy with a particular photograph being published on this site, they must notify Spotlight Photography Ltd in writing (by email) and the image will be removed as soon as is practicable.

3. Spotlight Photography Ltd owns the exclusive copyright for all photographs taken by its photographers and those photographs contained within this site; no photographs are within the public domain. Prints are sold for display purposes only; ownership of a print does not constitute ownership of copyright.

4.  All prices shown are inclusive of VAT (please advise us if you need a receipt for VAT purposes), and delivery is specified where appropriate. Spotlight Photography Ltd reserve the right to amend prices at any time.

5. All prints are securely packaged to limit damage in transit. Spotlight Photography Ltd does not, as a matter of course accept responsibility for goods damaged in transit. However, in the interest of good customer service, we reserve the right to replace damaged goods at our discretion.

6. All bookings will be confirmed in writing (by email) by Spotlight Photography Ltd. Where no charge is made for attending an event or photo shoot, Spotlight Photography Ltd reserve the right to charge for travelling and out of pocket expenses in circumstances where the event is cancelled and Spotlight Photography Ltd do not receive sufficient notice of such cancellation to enable them to make alternative arrangements.

7. The images displayed on the website have been scaled down, and the quality reduced to enable the site to load quickly. The originals are of superior quality. Colours may appear differently on your screen as each photo is 'watermarked' to avoid being copied.

Child protection

Some of the best and most memorable photographs we take are those of children. However, we recognise that in today's media driven world, where technology has broken down many barriers of data security, we must exercise a sufficient degree of care and diligence to ensure the safety of the children we photograph, without destroying the joy and wonderment that photos of children create. If you have any concerns about Spotlight Photography photographing children under the age of 18 at your event, or the images of children being displayed on the website, please inform us immediately.

Event photographs can be password protected on request, to ensure only authorised persons can view the images on the website. No names or details of the children will be shown on the website, ensuring that the identity of the child is never revealed.

Child Protection At Your Event - Putting Minds At Rest

Background checks are carried out on all of our photographers and during the event they will display a Spotlight Photography ID card, confirming they have undergone these checks. However, we are happy for organisers to carry out their own DBS criminal record check, if they feel it's necessary.

Working in accordance with guidelines provided by the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit, Spotlight Photography will not take photographs of children without supervised access or in one-to-one situations, without a witness present.

If you book Spotlight Photography far enough in advance, it may also be a good idea for the organiser to inform competitors and parents that a photographer will be present at the event, perhaps including a 'consent to photograph' form with entry forms. If not, perhaps ask them to sign a consent form on arrival. A Consent Form template can be downloaded from our web site.




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